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Heroin Addiction Treatment Centre

Divine Life Foundation is the main Rehabilitation Center in Delhi which offers the best Rehabilitation Treatment for Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction and other substance misuse. Divine Life Foundation Rehab and De Addiction Center in Chennai is focused on keeping up classification while giving sheltered and viable treatment.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Centre in Chennai, Tamilnadu

We have turned out to be most well known in the business because of the conviction and Trust of our customers on us as we have kept up more than 85% Success rate among Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Chennai and Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Chennai.

Divine Life Foundation Rehabilitation Treatment at our middle is more compelling as Residential Rehabilitation Program at Roar Rehab Center comprises of helping the patient to battle with his dependence with the assistance of Strict every day routine exercises that incorporates Yoga, Meditation, Therapies, Individual and gathering counseling’s, 12 Step program, Personal Attention in Treatment and normal family gatherings held at focus. Our strategies with numerous framework checks guarantee the well being and adequacy of the treatment.

We have consistent reviews and consistence checks in light of which process changes are joined to effectively offer better care with time. Our group is propelled to convey treatment and individual care that meets our most noteworthy measures.